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In this exclusive interview, join us as we delve deep into the world of business growth and marketing automation with Jeff Barnes, a former US Navy Nuclear power plant operator turned business growth expert and advisor. With a diverse background spanning from military service to steering companies towards 8 and 9-figure valuations, Jeff Barnes is a treasure trove of invaluable insights and strategies.

Discover Jeff's uncommon processes and strategies that have propelled numerous businesses towards success. From his early days as a risk management consultant to spearheading international projects as an Innovation and Technology Director, Jeff's journey is a testament to resilience and innovation.

Throughout this conversation, Jeff shares personal anecdotes and shifts that have significantly impacted his life and business results. Learn about his role as the CEO at Angel Investors Network, where he's been instrumental in guiding entrepreneurs to bring their innovations to market and secure substantial investments.

Explore Jeff's agency, Digital Evolution Marketing Group, and its unique approach to marketing system automation. Uncover the three steps involved in their cutting-edge lead generation system and the innovative use of AI marketing automation to streamline processes for clients.

As a mentor and advisor, Jeff's passion for helping others achieve success, freedom, and autonomy shines through. Gain insights into his experiences, from mentoring young professionals to coaching sports teams and enjoying life's moments with family.

Join us for this captivating discussion and gain exclusive access to Jeff Barnes' wealth of expertise in business growth, marketing automation, and his inspiring journey from the Navy to becoming a pivotal figure in the business world.

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03 August 2024, 02:10 AM

02:10 AM - 03:10 AM

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Jeff Barnes

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