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Unlocking Business Success The Power of Intuition & Strategy Interview with Laetitia Andrac

A Episode by Laetitia Andrac and Prosper Taruvinga

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Unlocking Business Brilliance: Laetitia Andrac Reveals the Secrets!

Welcome to a transformative episode of The Online Prosperity Show! In this riveting interview, our host Prosper Taruvinga dives deep with the extraordinary Laetitia Andrac, also known as the 'business doula' and founder of Essential Shift Consulting Pty Ltd. Get ready to embark on a journey where intuition and strategy converge to create sustainable business growth!

Key Takeaways:

✨ Weaving Intuition and Strategy: Discover the powerful insights on blending intuition with strategy to take your business to new heights.

✨ Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Entrepreneurship: Explore the profound impact of ancient rituals, energy work, and spiritual wisdom in achieving modern business success.

✨ Laetitia's LIGHT Framework: Gain exclusive insights into Laetitia's #1 best-selling book, 'Light It,' and how her LIGHT framework has helped entrepreneurs shift from burnout to bliss, reconnecting with their intuition and inner knowing.

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Want more inspiration? Dive into Laetitia's best-selling book:

About Laetitia Andrac:

Laetitia is not just a mentor; she's a guide, a 'business doula' who brings a unique blend of strategy, energy work, and ancient wisdom to help entrepreneurs reach their upper limits and beyond. Join us in this captivating conversation and uncover the secrets to a hustle-free, impact-driven business.

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02 August 2024, 01:35 AM

01:35 AM - 02:35 AM

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Laetitia Andrac

Laetitia Andrac

Essential Shift Consulting Pty Ltd

Laetitia Andrac

Prosper Taruvinga

Prosper Taruvinga

Online Prosperity Consultant, Livelong Digital Pty Ltd

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